Explainer Videos: Next Generation Power Point.

The impact of power-point:

Ever since power-point burst upon the scene in 1987, it has become a staple in the boardroom. Many studies have been carried out on the value of power-point and how it has become a necessity when trying to communicate business ideas or proposals. It is a complete package for making presentations using sound, images, graphics and all the best that technology has to offer. It appeals to some of the primary senses- visual and auditory. It engages the human mind more effectively.

The best part is, it is easy to use and one can have a lot of fun learning how to use it. Power-point also allows for easy integration with other related products, making it flexible and versatile.

Psychological studies show that people retain more information if it is presented using graphics and colour. It is also simpler to show how different topics connect rather than simply providing a written report on it. Using tables and graphs to explain profits, use of funds etc. make it less time consuming, and easier to comprehend. Being able to see list being build up a step at a time, makes it easier to build upon ideas and to draw link between what seemingly was unrelated before. Trials conducted on students show that they retain more information with the use of power-point than just reading their textbooks.

Therefore it is easy to understand that power-point has changed the way we communicate and share ideas, but it has been around for a long time, about 30 years. Surely there is something newer and better out there?

Introducing Explainer Video

As the name is obvious, these are short videos, animated with sounds and graphics, which are used to explain ideas, making them simple to understand, and compelling to listen to. Think of it as power-point of steroids, faster, more fluid and seamless.

They follow the age old narrative structure of �what’, �how’ and �why’, because let’s face it, that is a narrative that has proven to be effective over centuries. By keeping it simple and sweet, Explainer video is time efficient and goal effective.

The use of animated characters and colours makes it more fun and brings a sense of liveliness to otherwise boring corporate meetings. The person making the pitch or presentation can also use the brand colours of the company he is pitching to, to be able to get them to identify and connect with the idea more effectively.

Sites have boasted larger conversion rates upon integrating Explainer Videos in them. There are some notable videos created by pathwayproductions, here are few noteworthy mentions:

Edgy, fun, customized to the target market of the young 20s to 30s male population, this is a light hearted example.

Even to the brightest, sometimes making sense out of finance is tricky. Using animation, it is easier to explain how this app collects information from all parts of someone’s life and makes it easy to understand. It also talks the user through the app and its aspects.

In conclusion, Explainer Video is the new age presentation model. As science has shown, one has only a few seconds let along minutes to make an impact and create a lasting impression. Explainer Videos were developed using human psychology to ensure that users could take advantage of the new information to market their ideas and pitch products to ensure that they get the attention of their audience.