Best Campaigns Created by Advertising Agencies -Part 2

In continuation of our earlier article, Best Campaigns Created by Advertising Agencies -Part 1  

An advertisement is one of the strategies used by companies to promote their sales. Not all ads attain their purpose. The following are the most creative campaigns by advertising agencies. The choice of the ad agencies was based on their reception by the public, the extent at which they captured the minds and hearts of the audiences and how the ads went viral. The choice was also based on the impact the ads had on the companies or organizations they were promoting.

#6. The Guardian; “The Whole Picture”

The award-winning campaign based on a 2-minute short film known as �The three little pigs’ was launched to present the Guardian as the modern platform for harnessing different contributors for a public approach to journalism. Through the use of prints ads, unbranded fly posters, and film teasers, the campaign was highly accepted by viewers. The campaign was an illustration of how public contributions can lead to better coverage in the Guardian’s sections from politics to music.

#7. Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty
In 2005, Dove created a campaign that asked women to rethink their beauty concepts. The award-winning campaign is still relevant up-to-date. Ogilvy & Mather, the firm that created the ad was to counter the gap that women feel when they compare beauty ads with their real look. The campaigns succeeded in creating a world where beauty in women was a source of confidence rather than anxiety.

#8. Volkswagen “Car Key”

It is a print advertisement created by Below, Peru and Lima advertisement agencies. The initial interest was to encourage people to use the new car, Amtrak for their adventure due to its fuel preservation aspect. Based on the advert, a person could drive more than 620 miles on one fuel tank. However, they only printed a car key without the car hence only attracting those who trusted the brand.

#9. Nike, “Nike “: Just do digital
Nike went digital and realized the benefits of social advertising. They took a single concept to the whole world and made it engaging for targeted customers through both offline and online targeting. Nike exposed everything with no fear. The company succeeded as its brand was famous during the previous world cup. The company used social concepts in the real world.

#10. #Myfamilycan

Australia had suffered hepatitis outbreak as a result of contaminated and cheap imports. The #myfamilycan campaign sensitized Australians to purchase homegrown food. It was created by SPC, Australia’s largest fruit processor which featured the photos of Aussie farmers in labels as a way to identify homegrown food. The campaign encouraged people to support the company as it continued to provide local food.