Do you want an explainer video that is not just informative but also fun? We have two words for you “2D ANIMATION”. The oldest and the most effective way to convey a message is through a picture. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a moving picture is worth a million. If something moves in front of our eyes we are drawn towards it and that’s the principle behind 2D ANIMATION. Your ideas are processed and converted into high quality images. Those images are animated in a certain way that not only delivers your message but it’s also entertaining. Before we walk you through our experience producing motion graphics explainer videos.

Here is a 2D ANIMATION that we produced for a startup called “Cherry”.

The clients for this video had approached us with a unique product which never existed in the market before. It’s a product that helps to track students for their own safety using an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) imprinted ID cards. Now we had to figure out how we were going to approach this project. Any explainer video widely comes under two branches.

  • B to B (Business to Business)
  • B to C (Business to Consumer)

But in this case our clients (Business) wanted an explainer video that will not only help them sell their idea to the Schools (Business) but also to the parents of the students (Consumer) who are eventually going to pay for the RFID cards. This gave us the opportunity to explore a new approach to this video.

  • B to B+C (Business to Business + Consumer)

So why Motion Graphics? Why not the conventional method of a tutor explaining the process for hours?

It was a new concept hence it was highly important to choose a method that will explain the complexities in its process in a simple but effective way. We quickly realized that Motion Graphics was the way to go. It gave us the license to explain the complex process of Cherry in a simple way without using a Voice over.

We approached the video through two different lenses, life with cherry and life without cherry. This enabled the viewer to gain perspective about the impact this product is going to have in their lives. Thereby making sense to both B to B and B to C.

With 2D ANIMATION we arrived at the most simplistic and stylistic way of creating an explainer video. If there was an analogy for 2D ANIMATION it would be a Chameleon. Just like a Chameleon, 2D ANIMATION can fit right into any product irrespective of  your firm’s nature. It will suit a startup who are just finding their way up and it will also suit a global player who is on top of the food chain.