Why some startup should avoid explainer videos?

An explainer video is a short introduction video (about one to three minutes) to introduce potential customers to your company, product, or services and explains exactly what your company and your product is about in a compelling and entertaining approach.

Initially, marketing for a startup business can be difficult especially if it is a new product or service. You have to not only establish a new brand, but also face the challenge of explaining exactly what you do and how it is different from every other company out there. This is when an explainer video comes in handy.

Explainer videos have many benefits and advantages for its businesses and especially for a startup. An explainer video is cost effective and short. As a startup is still new potential customers get a glimpse of your brand and your company with the help of customer-focused explainer videos.

In spite of all the above benefits and advantages that an explainer video has for a startup, it is recommended that some startups should avoid an explainer video to promote their products or services. For some start-ups this might actually backfire and not work at all.

Even though cost is a huge factor, start-ups should not opt for explainer videos just for the sake of saving a few bucks. Companies should think about their target customers. Questions like will the product or brand benefit from this? Are explainer videos the right medium to communicate the concept? should be asked by startups.

For example, mobile companies should not choose explainer videos as a choice of marketing. This is because their product does not require an explainer video. It requires a totally different approach. The potential customer here is not interested to know about the product as he is already aware of it. So, in such a case the potential customer should be targeted based on human emotions. You will be able to sell the product only if the emotion resonates with the customers. So, when it comes to emotion it is usually better if real people are shown.

In such cases, instead of an explainer video, a very low budget, skilled, and real time video will have a better impact on the customers. That is why startups should be smart enough to identify the kind of product or service they are providing and go along with the required kind of marketing for that product.

Before choosing what kind of marketing tool to utilize to sell the product or service, a startup should be able to determine whether an explainer video works or not for their product and work accordingly with that. Startups need to be brave and bold enough to take the right decision of what works and what will not work for their products or services.

Sometimes getting your message across, being entertaining, and giving customers what they need is not achieved with an explainer video and this will only lead to bringing the level of the startup down.