Pathway Productions Journey with Ntrust

Client Requirement:


To come up with an explainer video for their new app & software Remaap.

Ntrust a leading technological company with global footprints and headquartered in USA, required from us an explainer video that succinctly sums up their latest AI data abstraction technique software & app called Remaap.



Remaap software & app overview:


When it comes to real estate documentation it is a tedious process even for most professionals.  That ‘s where remaap comes in. Using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence techniques Ntrust leverages the Remaap cloud-based abstraction and data repository platform. NTrust’s implementation of AI streamline’s the process for the lease administrator, accountant, and property managers by guiding them through lease documents at record speeds.




Based on team discussions and interaction with the client we at Pathway productions a leading advertising agency in Chennai came up with a simple yet powerful concept of using a lens to animate the important part of data extraction. The lens concept was used because it signifies the magnification of data and highlights the important data that needs to be captured. The lens symbolically represents the data extraction app. A bunch of papers fly through the lens with data being extracted on the other side is the powerful visual we used.

We did not just stop with the lens we went further ahead and showed on a computer exact screen shots of what the software looks like with the menus and sub menus.

With a voice over that explains the app and relevant animation both text and font that is in sync, we captured the essence of Remaap.

With this powerful concept the message was effectively communicated.