Our Journey with THUMB TAG

Today, most of the employee monitoring and management systems apply to the corporate world. Little has been done to help managers and real estate developers track the work of employees on construction sites. But the good news is that Thumbtag has come to make the work of land and real estate developers easier.

Long gone are the days when they cannot know the status of their employees, work attendance and what goes on in the construction field. Pathways video production services reviewed Thumbtag and bring you a video on how Thumbtag is beneficial to construction managers and real estate developers.

The ad filmmakers highlight how Thumbtag helps to manage construction and labor efficiently. Thumbtag is your partner in construction. It helps you to identify your workers’ status at any time, track their activities, analyze data and make essential decisions.

The most important part of Thumbtag is that it works across different devices. Thumbtag will help you to review the daily dashboard of your workforce, drill down, analyze and make decisions with the right data. The corporate video focuses on the cloud-based tracking system, made to withstand the rugged conditions in all construction sites.

Despite the weather conditions, Thumbtag will help you to manage construction work efficiently. If as a real estate developer, you cannot identify, track and know the status of your workers, then you are not doing it right. All you need is Thumbtag.

The choice of this corporate video was triggered by the need to inform and educate real estate developers on the use of Thumbtag. The video satisfied the clients’ goal of letting viewers know about this magnificent system.

Thumbtag is all you need to boost your productivity. For you to manage work at the construction site, you have to use the right cloud system. It has worked and continues to work in knowing, tracking and reporting.