Our Journey with Bhalaria Metalcraft

Bhalaria Metalcraft- The history of this company dates back to 1830 during the colonial period when the country did not belong to us. It prides in its 185 years experience of producing products that touch people’s day to day lives. Its sheet forming business aims at producing economical, innovative, and traditional products.

With its vast experience, the company understands the ins and outs in sheet forming business. When the company was starting, the pioneers never fathomed that Bhalaria Metalcraft would one day become a traditional family business many generations later and still other generations to come.

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The corporate video touches on how the firm started as a rolling mill in India and advanced to manufacturing stainless steel products. Since 1990, Bhalaria Metalcraft exports products and it is now present in 70 countries. The journey of this company is something to view and celebrate with them as a current or potential customer.

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The choice of this category was triggered by the need of the target audience to understand the company behind the products that touch their lives and which have a high utility value. This corporate video achieved the client’s purpose of reaching its customers in India and globally and letting them know of the company’s origin, milestone, technology, and experience.

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