Misconception about 2D Animations

Just like anything new or old, 2D animation also has its fair share of positive and negative feedback.  Not only does it have positive and negative feedback, there are many misconceptions also surrounding it.  Let’s break into a few misconceptions and set the record straight.

When compared with other mediums, animation is considered to be relatively technically cheaper.  But the undertone that comes with saying that is not true.  2D animation can look incredibly cheap, if you have hired a quick fix who on a pre-designed background adds existing characters.  However, a unique storyboard created and expertly animated keeping in mind the demands of the project are not easy on the pocket.

How Ad films can be made with 2D Animation:  The rich experience that we have in the IT sector has enabled us to create Ad films with 2D animation for clients.  The animated films can be applied in various promotional and aesthetic activities.  To give a more realistic look to the images and imitations, best-in-class lamination films are used.  It is executed with the assistance of technologists, specialized graphic designers, and other IT professionals.



How complex concepts are explained clearly with 2D animation:

  • Even the most difficult of subjects can be understood easily with training videos using 2D/3D animations as the perfect solution.
  • Using high-tech hardware and software, detailed 2D images, models, and products are brought to life. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the topic and you can acquire more information.
  • Reinforce the training videos with explanatory captions or spoken commentary track. It gives a more realistic effect and makes the conversation more meaningful.
  • For a more authentic feel, special effects are added to the rendering process like depth of field, motion blur, light effects like lens flares, etc.

When you view successful animated characters, it looks effortless and fluid.  The characters glide across the screen and the scenes change impeccably.  It can be alluring to watch an animated production and assume that it is easy as the finished product.  However; the truth is that good animation projects are a very complex and artistically demanding skill requiring lots of time, effort, and patience.

It is a myth that there is no scope for 2D animation and that artists will remain jobless.  2D Animation is not a dying art and the Internet has produced many opportunities in the form of Flash-based 2D projects.

Animation is one more medium and a strong one, which will only constantly evolve and transform itself.  It cannot be labelled as a craze or fad that will fade out.  Like films will never go out of fashion and just change styles over time.  The same is applicable to ani

mation.  It might change, styles might come and go, and it might be used in different ways, but animation is not going anywhere soon.  The future is very bright for animation, be it in virtual reality or movies, whatever medium or form it will definitely be around and is here to stay.