White board animation is the answer. Explainer videos are all about passing information in a way that’s engaging. The primary sources through which we receive information are Eyes and Ears. In white board animation as the viewer watches the animation unfold in front of him, an appropriate voice over is played to guide the viewer. It provides both visual and audio ques to the viewer’s brain. This way all his senses are consumed by your video and he cannot be distracted.

Below is a video that we produced. This video introduces the viewer to a new form of commerce called M-commerce.

New generation entrepreneurs come up with unique business models, it can be challenging sometimes to sell your ideas just through words, you may want to show statistics, you may want explain complex business structures. Your ideas can have multiple dimensions, with white board animation you can break down any complex ideas and turn it into well weaved story which is also engaging. Here you are only limited to imagination.