Our Journey with NEVER SKIP

Parents can develop fear and become restless when their kids do not arrive at the right time from school. Though institutions ensure that kids are transported at the right time, anything can happen on the way.

The bus can develop technicalities and lengthen the travel time. The good news is that the NEVER SKIP app has changed the narrative. It is a popularly used app by institutions to bridge the safety network chain between the school, kids, and parents. The app helps institutions track school buses, take quick decisions and solve unexpected crises.

Video marketing done by Pathways Productions has helped businesses reach out to many potential customers. In this same spirit, the ad film makers crafted an appealing video story about the NEVER SKIP app.

In this video, they showcase how a school bus can face uncertainties any time, and how the situation can be controlled and managed quickly through the use of NEVER SKIP app. The ad film explains how the app operates to help schools manage their institutions. The choice of video category is always essential as the marketing goal itself. Pathway Productions always aims at client satisfaction. In this case, the ad film makers chose an ad film to pass critical information about NEVER SKIP app.

The reason for choosing this category was to perfectly capture the attention of the audience. Pathway Productions, a leading advertising agency in Chennai represented the client in an imaginative, thoughtful and convincing manner through this ad film. Client satisfaction and reaching the target audience is always at the core of any marketing video. This Pathways Productions ad film satisfied the client’s needs. Through this video, they promoted the app, the company and the business in its entirety. This was through informing customers about the app through a real and captivating way.

Pathways Productions worked closely with the client to understand its needs and deliver according to expectations.