Both small and large businesses have discovered the power of digital

Both small and large businesses have discovered the power of digital marketing as a tool to spur growth and lead to overall business success. Digital platforms aim at putting the company products and services before the customers face. Just like other digital marketing strategies, ad film marketing and selling are also aimed at putting the products to the hands of more customers. This does not mean that marketing and selling is the same thing.

An advertisement is a visual or audio type of marketing communication that use openly sponsored or non-personal messages to sell a product. Ad films have for decades been the most effective way of capturing the audience attention. Ad filmmakers ensure that they come up with ad film that represents the need of your company in an imaginative, thoughtful and convincing way. Ad films can deeply influence the consumers buying perception thus purchase decisions.


Selling one component of a marketing process

For instance, ad film by Cut+Run film making agency on Volvo Vintersaga is a sponsored ad for the Swedish audience. The vintersaga is performed by the Swedish singer Amanda Bergman and contains the Swedish scenery and people who are connected to a sturdy Volvo car that is slipping through the landscape. The ad film takes four minutes and tries to tell the audience that Swedish cars are wild, tough and luxurious.

The Volvo Vintersaga ad film tries to convince the audience that Sweden has the harshest climate in the world and that Volvo has been able to create a car that can withstand all kinds of weather. This is a selling ad and marketing at the same time. It is evoking sales and at the same time bringing the brand close to the customers who did not know much about the Volvo car.


This means that advertisement or selling is part of the broader marketing strategy. This is an independent element that works to achieve a common goal with other elements of marketing. In the Volvo Vintersaga ad film, the advertising agency is trying to create an imaginative, thoughtful and creative way that customers can identify their needs with the solution being advertised. In this case, change in weather conditions is an issue for many customers and would want a car that can withstand all types of conditions.

Marketing is the entire process of planning and facilitating engagement between the customer and the company. In the Volvo Vintersaga, the target audience is not the Swedish people alone, but the world market for consumers who can identify with the weather conditions being described in the ad Marketing requires identification of the target audience, creating a market plan and mapping out the right strategy to position the product. One of the strategies of marketing is advertising which teaches, explain and promote the product to the target audience. Using ad film is one of the platforms that can help reaching out to the target audience.

Marketing is the umbrella that advertising is just part or a component that work together with other marketing components to achieve the strategic marketing goals.