7 Benefits of A Corporate Video Business Card


Communication and networking have evolved. Gone are the days of making cold calls, visits, or sending letters.


Emails and social media, which offer more reach, are dominant marketing platforms. And it doesn’t stop there. People expect instant gratification, so even emails don’t work quickly enough for them. Without images or motion graphics, they just aren’t impact enough. Marketers need quicker and more efficient ways to reach their audiences.


A corporate video visiting card is the marketing solution for the future. We are corporate video makers in Chennai, and we’ll show you why it’s the way forward.


What is a video business card?


A corporate video business card is a short video that lasts for a few minutes. It gives quick but relevant information about you and your product. Also, it allows a prospective customer to know everything about your services at once and enables him to identify with your company.

Seven benefits of a corporate business card

A corporate video visiting card will help your business progress. In the future, scientists may be able to come up with technology that lets you play a video on a business card. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Connectivity


First of all, a corporate video visiting card offers direct connection with audiences. They can see what your business can do for them immediately.

A video allows you to present relevant information about your business, which is impossible with a plain paper card. It raises your brand value markedly because people can see the extent of your services at a glance. They will know at once that you’re trustworthy and can work with you. It gives you the opportunity to build familiarity.


  1. Professionalism


Also, a corporate video visiting card is far more professional than one made out of paper. It is a way for you to showcase your abilities and what your business can offer. A video is also a quick way to stand out from your competitors and gain brand recognition.

  1. Pervasiveness


Videos have greater pervasiveness than other forms of marketing. Studies have proven their effectiveness. Researchers found that 46% of internet users who watched business videos took action after the fact. Further, a startling 75% of business executives watch corporate-related videos. The market outreach possibilities are incredible.

  1. Constancy


You can’t be making cold calls or writing letters all the time. A looped video on your website will do so 24 hours a day. It can also market tirelessly for you on your social media platforms. You can send it through email as well.

  1. Nonverbal communication


A video allows clients to assess your nonverbal communication, something that they cannot do just by reading your business card. Your body language conveys your professionalism. A video will allow potential customers to trust in the reliability of your services. They will form connections with you when they see how well you dress or stand.

  1. Ease of use


Anyone who knows how to access a website can tap into videos quickly. Contrary to what you may believe, getting a corporate business card to work doesn’t need a lot of technological savvy.


Video business cards will work as soon as a viewer clicks on a link. He will be able to follow links to your products quickly. He will also be able to opt-in to newsletters and other brand promotions.

  1. Better delivery of messages


A corporate video card delivers messages more efficiently than a traditional one. Users absorb over 50% of its information. Moreover, it boosts the retention of data by an astounding 46%. Why does it work so well? It’s more interactive than a traditional card or an email.

What you should include in a corporate business card


Remember that an audience wants to know who you are. Tell it what makes you unique in your corporate video visiting card. Let it know what makes you the leading authority in your field. Keep your message simple; don’t overload your video with lengthy explanations or links.

Potential customers should also know where and how to contact you. List phone numbers and website addresses in your video.


Where to promote your corporate video visiting card


Leave your business video on your website and social media platforms. Facebook lets you create microsites where you can leave your video. You may launch it on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social platforms as well.

Then, there’s email. Don’t forget to attach your video to your correspondence with clients.


Make A Corporate Video Visiting Card Now


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