CIPET Showcase

Client Requirement

To develop an explainer video to showcase their product which in this case is plastic.


Plastics is what it’s all about at Central Institute of Plastic and Engineering Technology (CIPET). When CIPET approached us a leading corporate and explainer video production house in Chennai, to create a video about plastics, we suggested to them that we show the video in a revealing perspective, meaning to reveal the product at the end to create that suspense element. As leading explainer video makers in Chennai, first we developed a voice over where the unique properties of this material, what is the impact of the product, features and benefits of this material, finally in the end we reveal what this material is.

The end result, a short video from our ad film making agency under one minute that showcases the properties of plastic with cutting edge motion graphics with matching voice over and how CIPET does research and develop this product for various uses. The superimposed text and graphics create an image that is powerful yet easy to understand with a ‘wow’ factor when the product is revealed at the end.