Pathway Productions’ journey with CHERRY | Animation Video

When it comes to school automation software, Cherry RFID software has no comparison.

Cherry understands that operating a school is not a walk in the park. The staff can be overwhelmed by too many duties leading to mismanagement of assets. As well, students can miss school buses, something that threatens their safety.

Schools need a software that can track, control, measure, alert and monitor students and other operations. Cherry offers the best RFID solutions to school management. Pathway Productions, the leading corporate video makers in Chennai crafted and produced a meaningful explainer video about the RFID solution software offered by Cherry.

Being one of the leading advertising agencies in Chennai, Pathway Productions show how the software can track the activities of students in schools and monitor them. Through student RFID ID cards parents get a notification when their kids miss school buses.

RFID also tracks school items, lab equipment, staff payroll, and furniture and student fees among others. Pathway video production services chose to do an explainer video about Cherry RFID solutions.

The choice of this video category was spearheaded by the need to put the company’s RFID software into the limelight and also clarify the objective of the software. The explainer video is a powerful marketing tool that helps the business pass information to its current and potential customers in a simple and affordable manner.

The main reason why pathway productions chose the explainer video was to pitch the services offered by Cherry RFID solutions. The short, accurate and appealing animated video achieved its purpose of quickly telling Cherry’s story in a memorable way.

The video will certainly help the business to expand its brand presence. Also, Pathway Productions satisfied the client in that their explainer video increased the brand’s personality and sold the business to the world in a concise and perfect way.