Bonfiglioli Corporate Video for Pune Plant

Client Requirement:

Bonfiglioli group approached us for a corporate video to showcase their Pune plant.

Bonfiglioli Pune manufactures different types of gear boxes with stringent quality checks followed all the way across the production line.


We are a leading video production house in Chennai and planned the shoot extensively. First and foremost we restricted the video to be within one to two minutes time. This was done to effectively convey the message as well as to hold the viewer’s attention.

Our team went to the Pune plant for a recce and planned the video accordingly. First we shot a video of the plant manager explaining the operation of the plant briefly. Then we shot the machinery. All this was synced with elegant music with no voice over so that the viewer’s attention is kept to the proceedings. The camera movements were in sync with the machinery and music. Drone shots were used to capture the plant in an all encompassing perspective.