Best Campaigns Created by Advertising Agencies – Part 1

An advertisement is one of the strategies used by companies to promote their sales. Not all ads attain their purpose. The following are the most creative campaigns by advertising agencies. The choice of the ad agencies was based on their reception by the public, the extent at which they captured the minds and hearts of the audiences and how the ads went viral. The choice was also based on the impact the ads had on the companies or organizations they were promoting.

#1. UNICEF; Tap Project

Droga5 was the agency behind this advertisement. The Tap Project campaign was launched in 2007 by UNICEF during the World Water Day. Through partnerships with restaurants, corporations, and celebrities, the campaign requested diners to donate $1 for every free tap water they take so as to provide drinking water for a child for up to 40 days. The ad was brought forth out of a challenge which was, building the most influential agency globally. It attracted a large number of followers then and up-to-date it has experienced various iterations and raised utmost $2.5 million.

#2. Volvo; Live Test Series
Bodenfors, Forsman and Volvo trucks agreed to come up with an exciting marketing campaign. Various test videos were produced to show the mechanical features of the Volvo trucks. The Epic Split video was the ultimate success. It displayed the accurate Volvo dynamic steering. Despite trying many times to produce the best creative campaigns, Volvo succeeded in creating B2B campaigns which attracted many customers to purchasing or using Volvo trucks. The campaign received enhanced public praise and acceptance.

#3. Intermarché; Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables
The idea behind this campaign was to minimize food waste. Intermarche, one of the largest supermarket chains in France decided to sell non-calibrated vegetables and fruits at 30% discount. Created by Marcel Worldwide, the massive global campaign promoted the purchase of inglorious vegetables and fruits. Though at the beginning the business sacrificed profit to increase the sales, it turned out to be a win-win ad as customers started buying the imperfect vegetables and fruits.

#4. Always; #LikeAGirl
The campaign’s requirement was to create content that enhanced the confidence of girls during and after puberty. One challenge in this campaign was the audience. No one wanted to hear about always and periods. The campaign tuned out to be a confidence motion. It changed the way society perceives girls.

#5. P&G: Thank you, Mom
The requirement was to draw a global human value to come up with a program with emotion, energy, and relevance. It reflected the biases and struggles experienced by athletes by celebrating the role of the mother as the most exceptional advocate. It was criticized for showing prejudice on female parents. However, the ad succeeded in informing the audience to shun bias and concentrate on things that bring about unity and equality.