Arun Excello Saranga

Client Requirement

Arun Excello  group wanted to showcase their real estate property Saranga located in Padappai through a short ad film.



After discussions with the client, we as a leading digital marketing company in Chennai, decided to follow the aerial route for this video. The reason being Arun Excello group had an extensive apartment block there which was in the process of being constructed.

Generally when shooting videos for real estate the interiors of the completed house are shown or posters of the finished apartment blocks. But in this case we decided to show an aerial shot from a relatively high altitude so that the under-construction apartments can be shown as well as the nearby areas. We shot the video in panoramic view to showcase the buildings as well as the highway which is running parallel to apartment block.

There are two advantages of doing this:

1.It gives the status of the project under construction. This helps the customers in getting a comprehensive picture of the construction of the apartment blocks, how far they have built, how many floors are yet to be constructed etc visually so that they get a picture without travelling to the locality.

2.It shows how nearby areas and the surrounding localities look like and how developed they are. Also it gives them a view of the highway and junctions that connect to the area.

This video was primarily done to help the digital marketing team in our advertising agency. The client was initially sceptical to the feasibility of the video but the promotion helped develop several leads for the client.