Akara – Convergence Data

Akara – Convergence Data

Akara research and technologies private limited wanted to develop a convergence system to merge municipal data with the geographic data of the region. They wanted a video to showcase the same. At the time of video production the app was under development stage. It is a one of a kind app where the municipalities as well as the constituents under the municipalities can converge the data and use it. Municipalities need this app to understand the problems of the localities, the localities can use this data to see how the municipality is functioning in key areas. The purpose of the film was to showcase the potential of the app to attract investors for the project.


Now the question was how to showcase it…? After much discussions with the client we decided that the best way was to create a whiteboard animation at our video production house.

With simple yet relevant images we created a whiteboard animation with a voice over. The resulting video was concise yet clear and the message was communicated easily to the users. It helped showcase the concept visually. Potential investors can easily understand the scope of the project.